A stab motion, a quiet town

In the mail today I received five gorgeous copies of this bangin’ magazine, and in each copy there are FIVE of my poems. The suite is called “A stab motion, a quiet town,” and it won an honourable mention in last year’s Lush Triumphant Literary Award for Poetry.

I’ve never been published so many times by the same magazine (three times in the last two years), nor have my poems been treated with as much artistic respect. This lit mag looks so dang good and all of the works are colourful and the layout is crisp and even the smell is exciting. I am, again, so very honoured to have published in it.

I’ve also got four extra copies of this issue, so if you live in Sioux Lookout and want a free copy, let know!

And lastly, @subterrain_magazine, we’re obviously attracted to each other. If you ever need another editor, send me a dm. I’d love to hang out.