New review of Ripping Down Half the Trees

It’s always strange when a review shows up spontaneously. No sign that it’s coming. No knowledge of the reviewer. But it happens, and when it does, like now, it’s very exciting. So a big thanks to Max Karpinski for taking a deep look at my debut poetry book. This is a very smart, critical, academic review and I really appreciate it.

Karpinski appears to be a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto, and this review can be found online here in the Oct 2022 issue of the academic journal H-Environment (Part of H-NET, the Humanities & Social Sciences Online initiative, H-Environment is supported by organizations of professional historians including the American Society for Environmental History and the European Society for Environmental History).

One comment

  1. Erika · December 7

    This was a super in-depth review! Really cool to read!

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