Apparently, I Won!


Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! I’m just a pile of bouncing thrills! Big thanks to the Liz Howard and Vallum for organizing, advertising, reading, etc. Big thanks to everyone who submitted to the award; while I am honoured to have won, awards also suck because such few people get recognition, and it is more than likely if I saw all your poems I’d have felt most of them to be outstanding and likely better than mine. Big thanks to all my writing friends across Canada for the support; you all deserve awards, and in general you deserve to be paid better for your art. And big-ups to all the people who should have won but couldn’t afford to enter; I was you for many years. Now, with my winnings, I will splurge on RRSPs and just maybe a laptop with fully functioning pixels! And a trip to Toronto + Montreal of course!

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